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Lodgesons wireless keypad controls

These devices, systems and adaptations offer functionality, intricate and practical designs, and immense comfort, which is ideal for those who wish to drive independently but struggle with long-term injury or physical disabilities. 

Wireless keypad controls enable you to operate and navigate the basic controls of your car, such as its horn, lights, front wipers and washers, indicators and many more functions. 

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Benefits of The LOLLIPOP GRIP

The lollipop grip is a fantastic solution to controls, such as the standard steering ball, as it is incredibly straightforward to operate with its soft-touch design and easy-gripping material, making the disabled drivers' experience more comfortable. 

They are designed to supply quick-release grips that you can remove easily from your steering wheel without the need for lubricant, which removes the need to strain your limbs and prevents the existence of oil or grease in your car. 

Who are wireless keypad controls for?

Wireless keypad controls manufactured by Lodgesons have been skillfully, carefully curated, and designed to supply disabled individuals and drivers with mobility controls. Professionals ensure these keypad controls for ultimate comfort, functionality and safety purposes. 

Alongside ball grips, lollipop grips, steering grips, bleeper systems and hand controls, Howes Dual Controls can provide customers with long-lasting wireless keypad control that enables disabled drivers to operate their horns, lights, indicators, hazards and illumination for night time. Contact us today if you are interested. 

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Howes Dual Controls offers top-quality Lodgesons remote control fittings to help its local London customers and clients operate their cars and vehicles accurately and safely. 

We have a qualified team on board that can perform in-depth installations and repairs of various aspects, such as wireless and hardwired keypads and interface hand controls. Contact us today for a free quote and a discussion of your requirements.


Benefits of wireless keypad controls

Wireless keypad controls are incredibly beneficial to a wide range of individuals; however, especially to those with long-term injuries that prevent them from performing specific tasks or those with physical disabilities. 

When driving, you are essentially operating the car or vehicle and have as much control as possible, yet we are aware that it can be challenging, which is why wireless keypad controls are one of the most valuable devices and systems to have installed. 

These keypad panels allow you to successfully navigate the indicator, the horn, the dip/main and flashlights and allow illumination during night-time use. With wireless keypads, you can have all the vital and basic functions required to steer the car or vehicle without compromising quality. 

Mobility Controls Specialists

Howes Dual Controls has a thorough team of mobility control specialists, ready to supply and install customers and clients with high-quality, accessible technology, devices and systems. Those with physical disabilities will often find it challenging to drive standard cars or vehicles that don't provide quick-release clamps, soft-touch materials, long-life batteries and ergonomic grips. 

In providing them with suitable technology and devices that ensure they can sit and position themselves comfortably, disabled individuals or those with long-term injuries can drive more efficiently and safely on busy roads. Such mobility control solutions can offer a broad range of pre-programmed kits easily installed, pictorial fitting instructions, and incredible technical support. 

Contact us today, and our professionals will provide you with a free quote and begin discussing your requirements.

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He-Man Dual Controls Essex And London

Dual Controls He-Man

We specialise in fitting He-Man dual controls; purely because He-Man is the leading UK dual controls supplier and is the preferred dual control system for most of the motor manufacturers who supply cars in the UK.

GPS Speedos Fitting Essex And London

GPS Speedos

Howes Controls are promoting the sale of He-man GPS speedo. Advantages of these systems include: speed displayed on screen, simple to use, just plug in and go (plugs into your power point), ready to use from box, easily moved from one car to the other.


Lodgesons Controls

Here at Howes Dual Controls we are able to install Lodgesons Remote Control in your vehicle. These Steering aids allow the driver to grip the steering wheel while operating a keypad with their thumb.