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GPS Speedos | Satellite Speedometers - Howes Dual Controls Essex & London

Howes Controls are promoting the sale of  He-man GPS speedo

Advantages of these systems include:

  • speed displayed on screen
  • Simple to use, just plug in and go (plugs into your  power point)
  • Ready to use from box
  • Easily moved from one car to the other
  • Mount where you want on dash, most people have it on left
  • Dash anti-slip mat supplied

The Speedo wire can be hidden along centre console and below the dashboard, ensuring that your vision is clear from unsightly cables.

  • More accurate than your own cars speed display but can be adjusted to match your car 
  • Can be used in miles per hour or kilometers

Please don't hesitate to Howes Dual Controls for further details on 07718 731 934.