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Benefits of GPS SPEEDOS

GPS Speedos provide numerous benefits, especially for driving instructors that need to assess each part of their learning drivers process. GPS offers simple operation and easy installation, which you can plug in to help project the speed within the instructor's line of sight. 

Speedometers can ensure you have accurate speed warning signals to alert your learning driver to slow down or speed up when they need to, and they can be adjusted to closely match the brand and model of the vehicle to provide a more accurate reading.

He-Man approved agent


You can reap many advantages from installing GPS speedometers; for example, they can offer increased accuracy readings. Using one in your vehicle will ensure you receive the exact speed, allowing you to travel more precisely. 

It will also ensure you travel at the right speed on straight roads with little to no overhead interference. Speedometers of this kind can display plenty of information other than purely speed, such as the engine RPM and total mileage throughout your motor vehicles. 

Speed displayed on screen

Simple to use, just plug in and go (plugs into your power point)

Ready to use from box

Easily moved from one car to the other

Mount where you want on dash, most people have it on left

Dash anti-slip mat supplied

fully qualified motor mechanic


Satellite GPS speedometers are a fantastic device or system to install into your cars and vehicles as they are compatible with a vast range of vehicles, brands and models, including boats, cars, ATVs, vans, motorcycles and any construction equipment. 


These kinds of satellite GPS' are often more straightforward to fit into vehicles than a traditional speedometer, which is why they are incredibly cost-effective, as the labour will not be extensive. Howes Dual Controls offers GPS and satellite speedometer installations of the highest quality.

Accurate speed Measurments

More accurate than your own cars speed display but can be adjusted to match your car.

Customisable metrics

Can be used in miles per hour or kilometers.


The Speedo wire can be hidden along centre console and below the dashboard, ensuring that your vision is clear from unsightly cables.

Our Services

Dual Controls He-Man

We specialise in fitting He-Man dual controls; purely because He-Man is the leading UK dual controls supplier and is the preferred dual control system for most of the motor manufacturers who supply cars in the UK.

GPS Speedos

Howes Controls are promoting the sale of He-Man GPS speedo. Advantages of these systems include: speed displayed on screen, simple to use, just plug in and go (plugs into your power point), ready to use from box, easily moved from one car to the other.

Lodgesons Controls

Here at {company_name we are able to install Lodgesons Remote Control in your vehicle. These Steering aids allow the driver to grip the steering wheel while operating a keypad with their thumb.