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He-Man Dual Controls Ltd have been designing and manufacturing He-Man Dual Controls since 1931, in this time He-Man has supplied dual controls to all the major UK motor manufacturers and some of the more specialist manufacturers. 

He-Man has also designed and supplied dual controls for use in other countries both for left and right hand drive vehicles.

He-Man approved agent

He-Man Approved Installers

Howes Dual Controls is a fantastic company comprised of approved installers with plenty of experience in the field of manufacturing and designing high-quality dual controls. Our suppliers are fully trained and qualified to undergo a series of central UK motor installations across London and the surrounding areas. 

We typically install He-Man dual controls alongside other renowned specialist manufacturers that produce equally high-quality controls for our local customers and clients. Over the years we've installed numerous motor controls of various types, so rest assured your vehicles will always be in safe hands. 

Your Local Dual controls Specialist

Our team of specialists are perfect for those in the local area searching for high-quality dual-control installations and repairs. Our team can provide GPS Speedo controls alongside He-Man and Lodgesons controls for a wide variety of cars and other vehicles. 

Each staff member is an approved agent and mechanic with all the knowledge of the plug-in systems and remote control devices that allow you to control your vehicle. 


We ensure that our service of fitting brand-new systems or repairing existing ones is fast and done as quickly as possible so that we aren't interrupting your day or postponing any significant trips you must make with your vehicle. 

Our engineers are talented and ensure the job is completed swiftly and properly.


Howes Dual Controls is an incredibly reliable motor servicing company, providing its local London customers with equally reliable systems to install into their cars and vehicles. 

We have plenty of experience and take great care and pride in all installation and repair jobs we take on. 


Our motor and control services for any vehicle and customer are incredibly safe, using top-quality lubricant, tools and equipment to ensure that the job is done most efficiently for functionality and safety. 

We leave your car as tidy as possible; that way, you can reach all aspects of your new controls without struggle.

Cost Effective

Howes Dual Controls offers top-tier motor maintenance, installations and repairs for cost-effective yet affordable prices. 

The systems we employ are of the highest industry standard that ensures it has extensive lifespans, meaning you won't have to spend excessive amounts on repairs or costly replacements.

He-Man Approved

Our mechanics are He-Man Approved to ensure that we know the ropes of the control mechanisms and have all the qualifications to install and fit these new devices and systems properly.

Howes Dual Controls has a network of manufacturer suppliers to provide customers with the best He-Man dual controls.

Local Fitting

Having a local mechanic or motor engineer service that is on-call and ready to provide you with high-quality fittings and repairs for your cars and vehicles. 

It can be challenging to find the right professionals to equip you with what you need; however, you can always count on Howes Dual Controls to supply you with devices and systems. 

fully qualified motor mechanic

Are You a Driving Instructor?

For driving instructors, our professionals have the skills, talents and tools to ensure that the cars used on-site have quality, efficient devices and systems to match the model of the car. 

Our staff will ensure that all speedo wires or unsightly cable systems are well hidden so that the drivers' vision is clear and do not get distracted, and they have efficient dual controls.

He Man Dual Controls Fitters in Essex and London

Contact Our Dual controls Mechanic Today 

Please get in touch with us today using our phone number or email address if you're searching for excellent professionals that can offer top-quality dual-control installations. 

At Howes Dual Controls, our approved, qualified engineers and mechanics have years of experience installing, maintaining, replacing and repairing devices and control systems inside cars and vehicles of all different models and brands that are popular across the UK, primarily London and the surrounding areas. 

Our team will perform a complete inspection of your car's dual controls to ensure that we don't miss out on other aspects when completing a service.

Why Choose HE-Man

He-Man Dual Controls have one or more of the following advantages:

Rod or Cable technology as appropriate for your vehicle

Self aligning bearings

Easily detachable pedals

Angular pedal pad adjustment

Instructors pedals can remain stationary or work together with driver pedal

Our services

He-Man Dual Controls Essex And London

Dual Controls He-Man

We specialise in fitting He-Man dual controls; purely because He-Man is the leading UK dual controls supplier and is the preferred dual control system for most of the motor manufacturers who supply cars in the UK.

GPS Speedos Fitting Essex And London

GPS Speedos

Howes Controls are promoting the sale of He-man GPS speedo. Advantages of these systems include: speed displayed on screen, simple to use, just plug in and go (plugs into your power point), ready to use from box, easily moved from one car to the other.


Lodgesons Controls

Here at Howes Dual Controls we are able to install Lodgesons Remote Control in your vehicle. These Steering aids allow the driver to grip the steering wheel while operating a keypad with their thumb.