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Mobile Dual Control Fitting

I am a fully qualified motor mechanic who had my own garage for 20 years, during which time I did a lot of work for driving schools.

This experience led me into fitting dual controls. I became a He-Man approved agent in 1989, and in 2004 I began a mobile service just fitting He-Man dual controls and then later added the adaptations. 

In 2007 I trained Marc, my nephew who was also a mechanic, to fit He-Man dual controls and adaptations.

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Our Services

He-Man Dual Controls Essex And London

Dual Controls He-Man

We specialise in fitting He-Man dual controls; purely because He-Man is the leading UK dual controls supplier and is the preferred dual control system for most of the motor manufacturers who supply cars in the UK.

GPS Speedos Fitting Essex And London

GPS Speedos

Howes Controls are promoting the sale of He-man GPS speedo. Advantages of these systems include: speed displayed on screen, simple to use, just plug in and go (plugs into your power point), ready to use from box, easily moved from one car to the other.


Lodgesons Controls

Here at Howes Dual Controls we are able to install Lodgesons Remote Control in your vehicle. These Steering aids allow the driver to grip the steering wheel while operating a keypad with their thumb.

He-Man approved agent

Dual Controls Mechanic

Howes Dual Controls can provide customers and clients with the best dual controls from local mechanics with plenty of experience. 

We're approved by significant manufacturers across the UK, such as He-Man, meaning each mechanic at our workshop is registered and has the skills and education to fit these devices and systems into your vehicles. Contact us today for further information and a free quote.

Dual Controls Fitting services

Howes Dual Controls has an incredible team of qualified and approved professional mechanics that can install these controls affordably and safely.

Dual control fittings are essential for enhancing your car or vehicle's key features and systems. We'll fit:

New Build Illustration

Detachable pedals

GPS controls

remote control systems

steering aids

angular pedal pads

rod and cable technology

fully qualified motor mechanic

He-man approved Dual Controls Installation

He-Man is the leading dual control manufacturer throughout the UK, and our team of professionals specialise in supplying these high-quality, efficient control systems that help enhance your car. 

Whether you need pedal pads, self-aligning bearings or rod and cable technology, our staff are skilled with all the proper tools and equipment to complete the jobs to the highest quality. 

He-man approved Fitters Essex And London

Services Summary

We are small family business that specialise in customer service. Throughout our website you can view further information about our services and see exactly what products we use. 

Being He-man approved this means your controls will come with the he-man lifetime warranty, not 12 months like when fitted by non approved fitters.

For further details or to make an enquiry please don't hesitate to contact Howes Dual Controls today.